B+E Training in Bridgewater

Drivers who passed their car test after 1997 will need to pass a trailer license to allow them to use a trailer over 750kg

We provide B+E car /van and trailer driver training for the DSA driving test

We have training courses between 8 to 16 hours (2 to 4 days) duration to fully prepare you for the DSA driving test.

once you have been assessed we can evaluate how many days you will require

We are a leading providers of driver training for the car / van and trailer towing test (B+E).

We also have an exceptionally high first time pass rate for the B+E test.

B+E car and trailer £140 per day + VAT using our vehicle and trailer

We can offer B+E training in both manual and automatic transmission,

we use manual Ford transit custom Vans and a Landrover freelander 2 automatic,

Courses range from two to four, days dependent on assessment.

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