LGV Driver Training – Getting Started with Your LGV License

For all potential LGV drivers there are stages you will need to complete prior to taking your test ,

You need to:

1) Obtain forms D2 & D4 - See DVLA links on this page or contact us for collection from westonzoyland office

2) Fill in D2 and take D4 to a doctor (See links)

3) Send D2 and D4 and the old licence to the DVLA

4) Receive the licence and check it

5) Book (module 1) theory tests- Multiple choice & hazard perception

6) Pass theory test

7) Phone us to organize an assessment

8) Phone us to book a course & pay deposit

9) Pay remaining monies 7 days prior to training (don’t forget to bring your licence and N.I number)

10) After passing cat C test, you may carry on to do your artic licence (C+E) once your license is back from DVLA. (you must send it off after cat C test completion for C+E provisional to be added)

11) Book artic assessment then training and test

If you have passed your car test after January 1997 you will also need a driver CPC:

a) Module 2 - Case study @£23

b) Module 4 - Practical examination @£200 (maybe eligible for discount)

Modules 2 and 4 can be taken before during or after training.

Theory Training Books

All theory books can be obtained via the DVSA or any good bookshop (see our links below).

also multiple free apps for phones,

Direct links



Or phone on 0300 790 6801

DSA (Driving Standards Agency) -


Or phone on 0300 2001122

To book theory test - https://www.gov.uk/book-a-driving-theory-test

To book a practical test - https://www.gov.uk/book-practical-driving-test


Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC)

CPC for lorry bus and coach drivers – https://www.gov.uk/driver-certificate-of-professional-competence-cpc/overview

We can organise your Driver CPC courses and they are run weekly depending on availability, and are of 5 x 7 hour days totalling a 35 hours duration.

Please phone for details

Exam Fees

these prices are set by DSA and are subject to change they do not contain VAT

these prices do not include any training
please see licence catergory for prices of training

Theory (mod 1)

Multiple choice- £26 (part 1)

Hazard perception - £11 (part 2)


Case studies - £23 (Module 2)

Practical Test Fee - £115 (Module 3)

CPC Practical Exam - £POA (Module 4)



1a. Drivers assessment to ascertain course duration

we offer the following driving test categories, B+E. C1. C1+E. D1. D1+E. C. C+E.

1b. booking of a suitable course, category and length, with the practical test at the end of the course.

1c. access to a driving consultant/management to ask any questions you may have.

1c. At the beginning of every course, a safety briefing will be done,

giving all candidates the relevant information, in regards to things like,

rules, regulations, complaints procedures, safety in the yard and on the road, smoking locations, fire assembly point and customers conduct


2a. Candidates are obligated to provide FULL and ACCURATE information,

2b. keeping any driving documentation on them at ALL times, such as driving licence, theory certificates etc.

2c. If the candidate is considered to be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs at any time during the training, the course will be terminated with immediate effect, forfeiting all fees paid for said course.


3a. All of our training is delivered on a 1 to 1 basis,

3b. meaning that you will not share the vehicle with another provisional licence holder,

3c. training is delivered over a 4 hour period, with a rest break of around 25 minutes in the middle of the lesson, for toilet and refreshments.

3d. we run 2 course times per day, 08:00-12:00 (morning) or 12:00-16:00 (afternoon)

3e. if the training vehicle should break down, Taunton Training will provide further training time to make up for the time lost and/or test.


we recognise the importance of a high standard, we aim to meet your expectations,

we are also committed to providing a safe, professional and relaxed training environment at all times, for both candidates and staff.

4a. should the candidate feel they want to discuss a complaint and/or concern, they are asked to do so with 24 hours of said issue.

4b. failure to report any issues within a prompt time scale, will result in any footage that may have been captured by CCTV (both in the yard and on board the vehicles) no longer being available to check or be used.

4c. there is normally a member of management in the yard / office throughout the day, and at 12:00 and 16:00 when the lesson draws to an end, so any concerns are to be raised at first given chance.

4d. if there is an issue on the test, you are required to take this up with the instructor

(NOT THE EXAMINER) at the end of the exam, so the correct procedure can be followed.


5a. to book a course,we take a deposit of £115, this is the test fee, allowing us to pay for your driving test slot, this is non refundable.

5b. Once you have paid your deposit, the rest of the money needs to be paid seven days prior to the training start date,

5c. failure to meet this “7 day before” deadline will result in your removal from the diary, without notice.

5d. if you wish to cancel or amend your training, you will need to give us at least 10 working days notice.

5e. failure to meet this criteria will mean all money paid will be forfeited.


6a. The 35 hour CPC courses are run from 08:00 – 16:00 with rest breaks,

6b. 7 hours of training will be delivered each day, and also 1 hour for rest breaks.

6c. the CPC will be registered within 5 days of the course finish, provided all fees are paid in full.

6d. if the candidate wishes to change booked dates of CPC then a £35 + VAT admin fee will be charged.


7a. Taunton Training LTD take data protection very seriously, all information given to us, and any correspondence between us and yourselves will not be disclosed to any third party.

7b. we can however pass on basic details such as contact information to potential employers but this will ONLY be done at the request of the candidate.

7c. we will not disclose the result of any tests or of any training to a third party,

7d. we always comply with the data protection act 1998


Once the candidate has booked a training course, by means of paying deposit or paying in full, they are in agreement with the above terms and conditions.

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